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الى مجهول

مجهـولاً .. أخشــــاك اليــــوم أكثـــر مــن أمســـي

بربــك لا تركــض نحــــوي.. لا تيقــــظ يأســـــــي

مجهولاً..عــِرف عن نفســك .. جنــي أنـت أم إنسيِ؟

دعنــي …وامالــي واحلامي.. اتركنــي ونفســــــي

أُسقيــت في احلــى ايامي مُـراً ..أُشربته مــلء الكأسِ

وعلــى القمـر الهائـــم اهـدرت دمـوعاً وفقــدت الأنـس

فحقنـت الأمــل رحيقــاً يســري مع نبضي..مع حســـي

ورسمت على الورق سيوفاً أغرزها في عيــون اليــأس

مجهولاً.. لا تحسب أني تاركة لوحاتي لكـسرٍ أو طمـس

دعني..والواني .. لم اكمل بعد وجه القمر ووهج الشمسِ

زهرة لوتس

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  1. كلمات تحمل أنفاساً شعرية ، ورؤى ذاتية ، وتكشف أوجاعاً نفسية ، هذه تغريدة قلب أرهقه تصفح نفوس البشر ، وربما يجد مهوى القلب وموطن الروح فيستريح ،

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Book Review

Books have been always my dear friends, I treat them as if they’re alive, they never cheat or lie, always there for me. I read them.. and surprisingly, they read me.! That’s how you fell in love with certain books and read them again and again. A connection was already established between the book and the reader. The more books I read the more I wonder about how many new ideas are still there waiting to be born and wrapped in a book for us to read and enjoy..?! Endless I guess. So keep reading.. and keep falling in love ..with books.!

Zahret Lotus


1- Eat Pray Love

uthor: Elizabeth Gilbert

Published: 2006

Eat, Pray, Love:

One woman’s search for everything across Italy, India and Indonesia. This what was written on the book’s cover. She didn’t know that this sentence can make her book one of the best sellers in this category. The honesty and reality she put in that book were amazing. It seemed like everybody’s story.. same beat..same tear.. same search. The beauty of this book comes out of the professional presentation of words. She was able to describe feelings, situations, people, places and food.. in a way that seemed very seen and touched to me. Not to mention her own philosophy about love which happened to hit me in the heart and brought some confusion along the reading. Was this story hers or mine!!.  I think many of the book readers must have felt the same. So, dear Liz.. you have captured my mind for long time till the end.  One of the books that you want to read with  special attention interruption, to fill your heart with joy and fly up high with her free soul. !

Zahret Lotus