Gone Girl


For quite sometime, audio books haven’t really been an attraction to me. I used to enjoy the physical books more and feel the true story in my hands. Until that moment when I randomly selected an audio book from Audible.com to start my membership.  After a struggle, I was excited to start with any book and there it was .. “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn.. wasn’t just a book..!

Released on 2012, about a husband and wife who were both writers and both just been laid off.  On the morning of their fifth anniversary, the wife disappeared in mysterious circumstances leaving behind hundreds of questions and a long way of investigation and findings.  It seemed predictable at some points in the beginnings, but after a couple of chapters -sure enough- it was actually the opposite.  The novel is full of interesting quizzes and treasure hunts which was the wife’s obsession, and that of course gave a great impact of excitement.

This novel is an alarm to the ruined marriages going along the years carrying the hot ashes of hidden revenge underneath. It also provoked the idea of how you can be the best version of yourself only when you are accompanied by a unique and  smart partner.

The Author was perfect and professional in her description to the main characters.  She took good care of the details of places as well as persons. The way the story was narrated with flashbacks in parallel with the present was also interesting. Both narrators (Julia Whelan and Kirby Heyborne) were the real heroes of this novel and grabbed my attention till the surprising end.

I recommend this book for those who like the mystery genre, and also for those who may have a second thought about audio books.


5 thoughts on “Gone Girl”

  1. me too … never liked any but the paper, the real books. i may try this or i may buy the book…. nice critique Zahra .. the idea of the book also is so much touching.

  2. If a book is on audible.com I’ll “read” it that way. I love the ease of being able to listen to a book while I’m doing other things and still get to enjoy a story. The added bonus is it’s played out for you like a play in your ears. Wait until you try some of the books with accents. Davina Porter is one of the best narrators for audible I’ve heard. She does the series Outlander by Diana Gabaldon and she does a superb job. Incredible!
    Love this review, too. Quite a psychotic book, wasn’t it? But I loved it!

    1. I enjoyed the book a lot ..the experience was wonderful and I don’t think I would finish the book in that short time if I was reading it. Narrators definitely are the main factor in the audio books world. Can’t wait to listen to more of them. Thanks for visiting and the lovely comment.

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