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The Best of Me


A novel by Nicholas Sparks, published in October 2011. Typical like his  stories line, just like “The Notebook”, “Message in a Bottle”, “A Walk to remember”.. etc. they all have the same spirit. I love Sparks though, as he cuts through me with his wounded love stories. Does love always have to be painful, or a series of wrong choices. !

A heart breaking story as “Amanda” and “Dawson” were young lovers and their story didn’t work out because of the families or because it wasn’t meant to be. Twenty years later they met, and the old love is back to life again. Twenty years carried a lot of grieves and incidents for both of them and had them reshaped. They shared a weekend away from their real lives. Living in the passionate past, denying Amanda’s crowded present and filling Dawson’s empty one, they just couldn’t think of the future of this revived relationship and where it would take them. Actually, the story is full of sadness mixed with passion and unfinished old memories that were still hanging to the walls of the two lovers minds.  Did you experience to be somebody’s first and last?  She was for him, as he didn’t know or love or date anybody else but her. Did you feel when someone had engraved herself or himself in your heart and took the best of you until no more love left for anybody else!! . This is what the story is all about.  With the old lonely man who cares for both of them in the background, the incidents were ascending dramatically and “predictably” and sometimes unnecessarily until it ended with a sudden sad fact confirming Dawson’s declaration from the beginning.. that he had given Amanda the best of him… literally !

In my opinion, the story is meant to be a movie. You can sense the scenes carefully scripted for movie characters, and soon we’ll find out. I have to admit that Nicholas Sparks usually pours his sentimental ache in his novels, but this one has an overdose potion.

Speaking of  Sparks’ emotional status impact on his novels, I would like to quote this from a friend who was sharing reviews about some of Sparks novels: “Sparks has a heart that sparked at sometime in his life  … It may have sparked to a light or a flame or ashes. What matter are the words and the emotions, they depict and evoke … It doesn’t need a talent… it just needs someone who felt love...”.  Thank you dear friend, couldn’t agree more.




7 thoughts on “The Best of Me

  1. يعجبني استخدامك للغة الانجليزية كثيرا
    برغم حبي الشديد لهذه الروايات الا ان ما لفت انتباهي حقا هو اسلوبك في الطرح
    أتمنى أن أتعلم الانجليزية بطلاقة هكذا

    1. اشكرك عزيزتي على تعليقك الطيب. اما بالنسبة للغة الانجليزية فيكفي انك لديك هذه الرغبة القوية للتعلم وسوف تجيديها ان شاء الله. في الحقيقة ان تعلم اللغات غاية في الأهمية ليفتح لك ابواب معارف جديدة واسعة تعيشينها بوقعها وحسها وصداها الذي ولدت به، إذ ان الترجمة ولا شك لن تكون مطابقة في الإحساس والأثر كالنص الاصلي

  2. I have a very bad experience with novels, especially those who talk about love! I don’t know whY 🙂
    The first novel I’ve read was The Alchemist, and said to myself, this is the one, i really should read more novels, then I read more and more novels, and none of them was a good choice. It seems that when you read a unique novel you will have a problem finding novels with the same uniquness, so you regret that choices 🙂
    The last one I’ve read was one of my 2012 reading list, and the first words I said after I finish it: I HATE MYSELF FOR READING THIS ONE!!! really!

    So I don’t know if I gonna read novels again, I know there are very good novels, but the problem is how to find them? 🙂

    1. The Alchemist is exceptional .. I read it 3 years ago, and it was life changing for me. Now I listen to an audio book version of it, still enjoying. As for selecting the novels, you have to go through many authors to find out which one of them really echos in your heart. Perhaps reading the reviews of a book before picking it would give you a clue. Keep reading and reading… One day you will decide for yourself how to land on a great novel. The best of them all is the one that surprises you and come to your way from no where 🙂 . Good luck with your reading list, don’t give up.. Reading is a blessing !

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