“American Son”… A movie review

Director:Kenny Leon

Writer:Christopher Demos-Brown (by)

Stars:Kerry WashingtonSteven PasqualeJeremy Jordan

American Son: (2019)

I randomly picked this movie on Netflix as I liked Kerry Washington after watching “Scandal”.  I didn’t have any expectations and didn’t even watch the trailer.

This is one of those movies where all the action is happening in one room. This may make some people uncomfortably imprisoned in one space for a movie long. However, this movie had an amazing dialogue which I personally think it was the main role there.  I didn’t feel the time passing by and I was pretty much into the emotions of an African American woman in a racist world waiting to know anything about her lost son. The son who I think was lost long ago and you can’t tell exactly was he lost in the darkness of his skin, or in the darkness of hearts around him wherever he goes, or in the dark emptiness between his mom and dad. The ever toxic racism is introduced here in a fatty approach.

How far your skin color can take you away from your soul and your dreams, away from who you were meant to be!

I just remembered “The Skin I’m in”, something in common… the bitterness, the heartbreak and the continued estranged feeling that is sadly packed together with the color.