The Winner Takes It All…

It is very wired how can this song makes very much sense now.. only now … the sense that it didn’t make long long ago when I was a child and when the real story of my life didn’t begin yet.

It is kind of touching how you suddenly listen to an old song and never thought it was meant to make your long story short.. as short as 5 minutes. A song of life for the story of my life… Yes indeed ABBA, The winner takes it all, The loser standing small, Beside the victory, That’s her destiny !

I love the intro… heavenly composed and heavenly flows !

Enjoy listening and wondering with your own nostalgia and your own demons… don’t we all?!



Bang Bang…

An old song, old music type, even the video version is old… but those words never get old !. Once you are there, you will never forget how it felt and meant to you.  As we age,  some memories stay young and when something provokes -like this song- you travel through the time and remember when the heart was warm !.  Nancy Sinatra was amazing… See her facial expressions!
I love to share this mood here…