“Paris Can Wait”… A movie review


Director: Eleanor Coppola

Writer: Eleanor Coppola


Paris Can Wait: (2016)

A feel good movie with a light sense of humor. A movie that tickles your tired heart along the way they drove to Paris. It is full of surprising feelings and delicious food they kept on eating the whole time. Yes… sharing food is one way to share love and even sitting around the same table creates adorable emotions. Perhaps it’s the closeness of two and where they are eating, or the state of mind when you like the food, or maybe it is just the taste of moment itself !

I used to believe that if you cook with love or eat with “A” love you will definitely come out with the best meal ever. it is not the stomach that is filled, it is the heart actually. and hey.. not to mention the sweet talk during eating… that talk is not to be said any other time.. all you have to is to catch the moment and… chew or talk!

Diane Lane was so lovely for her age and I loved her simple yet elegant outfits. she was so naturally involved in the food journey. You can sense her good vibes. Then there was that incredibly handsome actor Arnaud Viard who was such a pleasure to watch passionately eating every bite.

The movie for me was nice, light, predictable and little educative also in a way that I didn’t want them to reach to Paris.. I wanted more. Seriously… Paris could have waited :)!