“American Son”… A movie review

Director:Kenny Leon

Writer:Christopher Demos-Brown (by)

Stars:Kerry WashingtonSteven PasqualeJeremy Jordan

American Son: (2019)

I randomly picked this movie on Netflix as I liked Kerry Washington after watching “Scandal”.  I didn’t have any expectations and didn’t even watch the trailer.

This is one of those movies where all the action is happening in one room. This may make some people uncomfortably imprisoned in one space for a movie long. However, this movie had an amazing dialogue which I personally think it was the main role there.  I didn’t feel the time passing by and I was pretty much into the emotions of an African American woman in a racist world waiting to know anything about her lost son. The son who I think was lost long ago and you can’t tell exactly was he lost in the darkness of his skin, or in the darkness of hearts around him wherever he goes, or in the dark emptiness between his mom and dad. The ever toxic racism is introduced here in a fatty approach.

How far your skin color can take you away from your soul and your dreams, away from who you were meant to be!

I just remembered “The Skin I’m in”, something in common… the bitterness, the heartbreak and the continued estranged feeling that is sadly packed together with the color.


“Paris Can Wait”… A movie review


Director: Eleanor Coppola

Writer: Eleanor Coppola


Paris Can Wait: (2016)

A feel good movie with a light sense of humor. A movie that tickles your tired heart along the way they drove to Paris. It is full of surprising feelings and delicious food they kept on eating the whole time. Yes… sharing food is one way to share love and even sitting around the same table creates adorable emotions. Perhaps it’s the closeness of two and where they are eating, or the state of mind when you like the food, or maybe it is just the taste of moment itself !

I used to believe that if you cook with love or eat with “A” love you will definitely come out with the best meal ever. it is not the stomach that is filled, it is the heart actually. and hey.. not to mention the sweet talk during eating… that talk is not to be said any other time.. all you have to is to catch the moment and… chew or talk!

Diane Lane was so lovely for her age and I loved her simple yet elegant outfits. she was so naturally involved in the food journey. You can sense her good vibes. Then there was that incredibly handsome actor Arnaud Viard who was such a pleasure to watch passionately eating every bite.

The movie for me was nice, light, predictable and little educative also in a way that I didn’t want them to reach to Paris.. I wanted more. Seriously… Paris could have waited :)!





“Worlds Apart”… A movie review



Worlds Apart: (2015)

A perfect title for an interesting story. People in life meet, love, hurt and get hurt then move on. Never wondered how or why we come across each other!

This is the core here, 3 different stories unexpectedly tangled in Greece. 3 couples encounter love during some economic crisis. To me, it didn’t really matter how they met… they came from different worlds which means different cultures, believes, habits and concepts… yet the heart is the same! The heart is where they united and sparked passing over the language barrier with no clue how they will end up forming one whole big story.

My favorite couple were the elderly… longing for love after being lonely for years. Loneliness of course can occur even if you are in your family or within many people. It is the disconnection between you and them that imprison you in your own space and thoughts and frustrated expectations. These kinds of coincidences is so lovely …and lovely they were and humorous as they were trying to speak each other’s language. I loved how they proved the necessity of a second chance in life… and here I quote the great J.K Simmons as he was naming the many kinds of love “ …and then there is the love of second chance”.  Hell Yeah ! I know exactly what that means !!!!!

This movie is highly recommended… despite the drama, It is a movie to see more than once with the same exact feeling, or maybe it’s just me.



“Collateral Beauty”… A movie review


Director: David Frankel

Writer: Allan Loeb

Stars: Will SmithEdward NortonKate Winslet

Collateral Beauty: 2016

The charm of this story comes after a couple of meaningful words said by Will Smith in the intro. Words followed by silence … and here comes a whole world of silence filled with painful words detailing the tragedy he experienced .. you won’t miss a minute of it.

The idea of personalizing difficult meanings like; Love, Time and Death seems unique yet weird, and was somehow executed randomly and not very well written.

Despite the sadness and grief, you can sense the beauty in continued attempts to approach the three characters who supported Will Smith. It looked more about them than him. It looked more about us as we all may struggle with abandoned love or fight the devilish time or even not dying right.. !

Kate Winslet had a secondary role in that movie where in my opinion could have been done by any other actress, she didn’t really add herself to the role of a woman with a  dream that is getting far day by day from coming true.

A movie that literally manipulated me, and for that it will go in the one-time-watch-movies genre of mine. Left me wondering with a couple of hanging hot tears.


“Twice Born”… A movie review


Director: Sergio Castellitto

Writers: Margaret Mazzantini (novel), Sergio Castellitto (screenplay) 

Twice Born: (2012)

The events of this movie is happening in Sarajevo where some of us actually do not know what happens there. A different picture of life where the beauty survived the bombs, the cruelty, the betrayal and the lack of almost everything.

A common love story between a photographer and a lovely lonely woman ends up married in the middle of the war. But what comes next is not common at all !

Twice Born, what a title to choose! Haven’t we all –unwillingly- experienced a rebirth somewhere somehow? A second chance to see the life or know the truth.

She …is dying to get a baby but she cant have one of her own, He …in love with her to the depth and can’t see his life without her gorgeous smile of satisfaction. The solution they both chose was quite dangerous and the sudden turn happened in the sequence of the story was really heart breaking… and the surprising truth will come only at the very end.

I am a big fan of Penelope Cruz… she doesn’t really act, she lives the role and she will be the story… and in my personal opinion she was actually THE Star of this movie. The movie was played back and forth between the past and present… which was good and breath-taking at some scenes but confusing and poor in others.

It is the beauty of screening such a struggle towards a mixture of feelings a woman can ever live with… It is the deep fear at one point, followed by an unbelievable courage to save a life. It is the wrinkles and scars that you can see on the heart before the face. It is all of that … which made this movie to me …twice seen!



Movie Review

Here.. I will share with you my reviews upon different movies.. romantic, comic and many others.. I always felt that the viewers of a movie should express their impressions about this production.. a massive work was put there.. so if it happened to be a successful movie .. it must touch a place in your heart or your mind.. and makes you say something .. remember something.. or even regret for something.. and that’s what I call .. a review.. ! Movies here are either new, old or very old.. they’re my favourites..so enjoy.

Zahret Lotus


1- Into the wild


Sean Penn


Sean Penn (screenplay), Jon Krakauer (book)

Into The Wild : (2007)
Such an insightful movie.. How many people can have this courage to leave behind their real life and run for the unknown freedom.. absolute freedom.. Can I do the same?.. can I run from everything and everyone and chase the horses?.. Have u noticed that amazing scene where the sunlight was burning around the horses legs..!! The boy wasn’t running from himself and who he is .. he was running to find himself.. to get a different identity that matches with his spirit and the inner voice calling him..
Words are the real hero in this movie..written and told very delicately and precisely. I was touched by the old man who wanted to adopt the boy.. his tears were running down on my face. Loneliness can be scary and painful..
A trip like that should plant all the wisdom in the heart.. How wise to feel the difference in relationships from the way you look at it..But it is not that easy!! we may love ..or hate..we may miss somebody.. we may have a traffic jam in our hearts.. but we still can’t understand the language of our hearts..!
It must have been his broken heart that took him far away.. and it was his kind heart to untouch the 16 yrs old girl..and it was his stupid heart not to go back home..before he dies .. alone.. seeing the light of the truth of truths..!
Natural scenes make u feel the four seasons while sitting on your sofa.. take you into the movie.. with him.. into the wild..!!

Zahret Lotus


2- The King’s Speech


Tom Hooper


David Seidler


Colin FirthGeoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter

The King’s Speech (2010)

Can you imagine a voiceless speech,  and what if the speech is the King’s ?!. Interesting.. I tried to find other words to describe this movie, but “interesting” was the only jumping word in my mind. This is a movie of how a man can defeat his fears to speak up and be voiced ..He needs to say it .. “I HAVE A VOICE”..  How can a speechless king rule  such a big nation!! ..If he was someone else, who would care for his problem.. but here comes the value of a voice.. one voice can lead millions through great wars.. one voice is meant to be The Voice that everybody wants to hear.

The core of the movie is in the sense of responsibility.. this what pushed him to seek treatment. I always thought that love can make miracles, so in fact the king was actually cured by the true love & support of his wife who deeply believed in him. The treatment process was incredibly impressive to the extent that I did it with them. It sadly showed the result when you can’t say what you feel, or if you are not allowed to shout and even curse sometimes with the “F” word to let go of your anger. The imprisoned words can result in an absent self confidence and perhaps  a locked mouth.!

Humor was so natural and applied a bright shadow on the movie. The music was amazing specially with the war speech .. it was like a song lyrics more than a speech, with a maestro leading an orchestra of only one player.. one king.!

Zahret Lotus

3- Made of honor


Paul Weiland


Adam Sztykiel (screenplay), Deborah Kaplan (screenplay),


Patrick DempseyMichelle Monaghan and Kevin McKidd

Made of Honor (2008)

This movie is just another story about friendship transforming into deep love.. It may sound familiar and repeated over and over again. But, this one has something different, an essence of true passion. He discovered how she is filling his life with a lot of fun, only when she was about to marry another one. He was her best friend for long years, so close to each other that she enjoyed predicting what he was going to order for coffee and cake.!  So close that she picked him out of all her girl friends to be her maid of honor. Weird but true.. such a unique match between a man and a woman.. Can’t say perfect, but unique. By nature men and women are attracted to each other for sex, among other reasons which fade away along the years..even sex fades away!! only true friendship remains. He was screwing a different woman every night and had fun with his friends, never believed in marriage. You may think he is selfish, doesn’t want to lose her presence around him.! But in fact she completed an important part in him.. She became a part of his soul. Yeah, don’t we all know how does that feel..?! It’s amazing when you all of a sudden find out about your heart.. That organ you think you know very well, but in fact .. you don’t.!! One of the movies that I like to watch again.

Zahret Lotus

4- The Terminal


Steven Spielberg


Andrew Niccol (story), Sacha Gervasi (story)


Tom HanksCatherine Zeta-Jones and Chi McBride

The Terminal (2004)

One of the movies that leaves you in deep emotions after the end. Viktor is a  character that we pass by everyday in our life and don’t pay attention to his existence. Can u see how that terminal resembles our life.. You keep waiting for a gate to open to take you some where to make a dream of yours come true.. Gate after another and yet you are still dreaming and the gates are countless..
You may feel lonely..speaking a language that no body else comprehends. Irony.. you do have their tongue.. But still they don’t understand you !! What would you do?? Learn their language .. Say what they want you to say … Not what you want to say. Only then you will be heard and seen..
Tom Hanks was great in this movie, convinced me that he is a lonely and hungry innocent passenger, traveling in a wild noisy world, a world that turned out not to be his.. He doesn’t care.. He made a world of his own .. Peaceful , out of sight,  making things around him as beautiful as he used to see.. but why ? Why does he take all this trouble? The answer is simple..yet heart breaking.. To keep a promise!! A promise is much more valuable than the world .. A promise that means life to him… How noble that can be?? This happens only when such a promise gets engraved in your heart and becomes one of your heart beats..!!
Although the shooting scenes were almost in one place.. But you don’t feel annoyed.. As u Face different thoughts and emotions in every corner.
Did you feel and smell the snow falling on you when he eventually came out of the airport??… I did.
Zahret Lotus




Movie Trailer 

Home: (2009)  Documentary
Home.. is a beautiful screen of nature, only from that angle.. UP..!! It was noticeable that a big share of the beauty exists in Africa only?… I wonder why they call it the black continent (I mean I know why).. but it deserves another name… for example “the charming continent”..
It looked like a gigantic gallery.. perfect  natural paintings, with extraordinary matching of colors. The only difference in some paintings that they are not the product of one talented artist…but it is the outcome of many creatures’ spontaneity. At some scenes the reflection of nature was too confusing… which is up and which is down?!… perfect mirrors of water surface. Others were perfectly confusing to the extent of imagining a group of dolphins swimming at night ..up in the dark sky ..near the stars..!!
The birds in this documentary were acting as a nature witness, witnessing the anger of fire, the noise and chaos of waterfalls, and making an amazing white spot in the heart of a unique design. Birds, out of all other creatures are the best  cameraman..!!
The music was generally sad.. but expressive and sweet in some parts, that I couldn’t concentrate with the narrator.
It was correctly sensed and shot ..They wanted to draw the attention to the fact that behind each beauty .. a sad story of man’s linked crimes against nature. But the beauty was way more than sadness …and too eye-catching more than any fact. After viewing this, how many will remember that over 1 billion persons don’t have access to water..?!!!!
Zahret Lotus



Ron Fricke


Ron Fricke (concept), Mark Magidson (concept)

Movie Trailer

BARAKA (1992) – Documentary

A collection of separate well known documentaries in one film. In my opinion, the bottom line of making such documentary is to prove that everybody can find his salvation in something, to look for peace inside himself.. and along the years it became a ceremony.  Silence was a common feature in some of the weird ceremonies. We definitely need to listen to ourselves deep inside. I wonder what yourself is saying now?.

But then again, some people hate to listen to the truth.. isn’t it !! Yeah… That’s why they keep chanting and screaming to cover on that single voice they don’t want to hear…and they try to convince themselves that they’re fighting the evil spirits. I think, they’re just celebrating the victory on their weak selves.. they don’t surrender..they still have hopes.. and this is the real truth.. to revive your hopes.. within a group …. it is a salvation from all pains and disappointments.
Drown me in an ocean, dance with me, ring a bell or even burn my dead body and turn me into ashes … call it a pray or a worship .. they are all the same, salvation.. salvation..!!

The sound effects were great.. so as the hymns, they were understandable by soul not by tongue.

Zahret Lotus